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Rally is atype of competition, which includes races on sport cars. They must ride on aspecial road, during a limited period of time or as fast as possible from theplace of start to the finish line.  Ofcourse, it is a fast ride with leaps and curvy bends. So it isn??t a place forsuch things like cup holders for cars with coffee or else. There are threetypes of rally. First is classical one, where the main task is to be in time inthe proper spot. These races are developed on the usual roads with other typesof transport. Second one is an auto rally, where the main task is to go throughthe usual roads like in the classical type, but with speed areas, on which carsmust compete. Third one is rally raids, which means that each car has a pilotand a navigator. They must find a best way in the off road conditions. Each carin rally competitions has a crew, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 which has a pilot, or a pilot with navigator.Also there can be teams made from several crews. They must be older thaneighteen year old. Lengthsof the routes can variate from two hundred toseveral thousand kilometers. Roads could be covered with ice, snow, sand,gravel or else. Cars are little bit adopted for the races and they also aredivided into the classes.